International Humanitarian Law Short Course

The Centre for the Study of International Peace and Security is proud to announce its International Humanitarian Law short course, to be held on the weekend of 15th – 16th July in Cape Town (venue TBC).

Attendance is strictly limited to 20 delegates total.

This non-residential, 2 day intensive short course is aimed at law students and practitioners from and focusing on the African and Middle East regions. It tackles the fundamentals of international humanitarian law as a branch of international law that limits the use of violence in armed conflicts. Students will emerge with an understanding of the challenges, the legal and political backgrounds, and frameworks for solution of IHL issues.

There are 3 learning outcomes to the course:

  1. Demonstrate a critical awareness and systematic knowledge of the fundamentals of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), including the difference between jus ad bellum and jus in bello
  2. Demonstrate a critical awareness and systematic knowledge of the principle of distinction, including the difference between combatant and civilians 
  3. Demonstrate a systematic knowledge and critical awareness of the law governing the conduct of hostilities

A full list of module content will be issued in advance of the course. Some indicative modules are as follows:

  • The concept/purpose of IHL
  • IHL as a branch of Public International Law
  • Jus ad bellum/in bello
  • Rights and protections of a civilian
  • The Laws of Geneva and the Hague
  • IHL and humanitarian assistance
  • “Civilianization” of armed conflicts
  • Rights and protections of a Prisoner of War
  • Definition of military objectives
  • Means and methods of warfare

Mode of instruction:
The language of instruction will be English. A variety of interactive teaching methods will be employed, including individual and group work, multimedia, academic readings, jurisprudential analysis, and country case studies. Students will be expected to actively participate in discussions and complete all assigned readings prior to and during the course. Certificates of completion are subject to satisfactory attendance and class participation. Courses will be delivered and assessed by CSIPS Director Dr. Sherif A. Elgebeily.

The cost of the course is £100 (GBP) for both days.
This cost includes:

  • All tuition materials
  • Teaching contact time for both days
  • Lunch and refreshments on both days
  • Certificate of completion.

Tickets can be purchased directly through Eventbrite here.
Tickets can also be purchased without Eventbrite fees via direct bank transfer and/or Paypal. For further information contact Ms. Susana Pardilla Ramirez at

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