Deadline Extended: Peace, Security, and Human Rights Study Tour to UK: 8th – 12th January 2018

CSIPS is proud to launch its Peace, Security, and Human Rights Study Tour to the UK, which will take place between 8th and 12th January 2018.

Places are limited to 20 students.

  • Learn about peace, security, and human rights law in the heart of London
  • Visit and tour world-renowned institutions:
    • the UK Supreme Court;
    • the UK Parliament;
    • the Royal Courts of Justice.
  • Network with human rights and other lawyers from White & Case (London)

Course Overview
This course aims at merging theory and practice in teaching peace and human rights to students based outside the UK. It takes an international approach while basing this knowledge in the environment of UK and applicable EU law, of most benefit to Commonwealth and common law systems but also to civil law systems developing their human rights and rule of law systems post-conflict.
The course also includes a face-to-face networking opportunity with the global law firm White & Case, where students will have the chance to ask their own questions, learn more about practicing human rights law, and learn about how law and politics often intertwine. The course offers students the chance to live the experience of law, see first-hand how the UK courts operate, and return to their studies enriched by this experiential learning.

More details are available here or by contacting us below or at

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